Now is the time for free thinkers to express themselves and become the pinnacle for having the right to express any opinions without suppression. Urban Country Films has created a platform for the engagement of freedom of declaration to all, whereas one could openly express oneself in any form. Therefore, content creators can rejoice in the fact that digital media such as videos, podcasts, pictures, posts, and merchandise will not be banned or blocked due to going over the edge or being unconventional. It is time for us to be free and make great things together!


Random Previous Shows

financial friday

Money, Money, MONEY!

I know it’s Financial Friday, but there were a couple topics this morning regarding some folks who will definitely lose money! Find out what a South FL doctor decided to NOT in her practice. Ma’am, that check will be slim soon! Also, if you’re one

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Make it Make Sense Monday! 8/16

It’s Make it Make Sense Monday, but there were a few things Shelley & Dre had to let slide as they couldn’t make sense of them. I mean, can you make sense of a robot getting emotional? Shelley couldn’t make it make sense…she just needs

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urban country morning

Thankful Thursday! 8/26

Dre & Shellz started out this Thankful Thursday being thankful for Dre having his damn coffee. Shelley and I ain’t got time. Moving on… We are extremely thankful for young melanated geniuses! A young king that was solving math problems and doing sign language at

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Weirdness & Wackiness! 9/22

It’s an Urban Country Morning-first, folks! Watch Dre & Shelley startoff Weird & Wacky Wednesday morning in separate rooms! Dre is away onbusiness, but Zoom still allowed the couple to share the weird and wacky newstogether! Is Nicki Minaj encouraging other celebrities to speak out

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