Now is the time for free thinkers to express themselves and become the pinnacle for having the right to express any opinions without suppression. Urban Country Films has created a platform for the engagement of freedom of declaration to all, whereas one could openly express oneself in any form. Therefore, content creators can rejoice in the fact that digital media such as videos, podcasts, pictures, posts, and merchandise will not be banned or blocked due to going over the edge or being unconventional. It is time for us to be free and make great things together!


Random Previous Shows

Terrible Tantrum Tuesday 10/19/21

Dre decided to choose violence as the theme of today’s terrible Tantrum Tuesday as he uncovered Ghana’s controversial law outlawing LGBTQ culture, Shelley did not take to kindly to parts of the law which led to a semi-heated debate; Dre wasn’t the only one that

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weird and wacky

Weird And Wacky Wednesday 7/15/2021

Weird and wacky Wednesday… Even though we saw a black screen for a bit this morning, the beautiful melanated couple Shelley & Andre are NOT on vacation or sick leave today ya’ll. They’re back at it with Weird and Wacky Wednesday! As a side note,

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