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Welcome to another Blackonomic Financial Friday folks! Dre and Shelley dropped numerous gems today, including a strong video statement from The Honorable Minister Louis Farakhan. Come hear what he has to say about the state of our country today.

Speaking of our country, have you been coping well with inflation, or is it kicking you in the ass and wallet? Shelley has some tips on how to protect yourself from inflation. Honestly, it’s time to fatten your own pockets! Now, in the midst of fattening your pockets through Blackonomics, Dre made sure to drop more gems regarding how vital it is to take care of your team working with you!

Hopefully, Shelley will take care of the team by throwing Dre’s debuted t-shirt hoodie away today. While we wait for that to happen, hit the playback button and enjoy the show!