Make it Make Sense Monday! 8/16

Now is the time for free thinkers to express themselves and become the pinnacle for having the right to express any opinions without suppression.

It’s Make it Make Sense Monday, but there were a few things Shelley & Dre had to let slide as they couldn’t make sense of them. I mean, can you make sense of a robot getting emotional? Shelley couldn’t make it make sense…she just needs to know why we are making AI robots when we are failing at being humans. Maybe it will make sense to ya’ll after you watch Sophia the AI robot in action.

They made sense of how black folk’s tax dollars are paying for “segregation academies.” Speaking of our people, I need you to hear how black farmers are being systematically cut from the most profitable farming industry to date. Plus, the booming black individuals and businesses in Crenshaw are losing the battle to gentrification. Dre said when a Starbucks pops up, the neighborhood is in trouble. Find out what kind of trouble it causes and watch the playback.

Be prepared to throw your shoe at the screen when you watch and find out why a young black queen was being ripped away from her newborn baby on the side of the street. Plus, I know ya’ll have been emotional over the earthquake in Haiti, but did you know about what’s simultaneously going down with the investigation of their president’s death? Check out the playback while you’re acting like you’re working hard or while you’re on lunch!