Make it Make Sense Monday! 8/30

Now is the time for free thinkers to express themselves and become the pinnacle for having the right to express any opinions without suppression.

You already know what this is—the day we sincerely attempt to make all this sh*t make sense! Are you able to make sense of a school saying N-O to free lunch meals? One school tried to make it make sense with a RIDICOULOUS reason; let us know if you agree with this reason in the comments. I can never agree with folks attempting to stick their opinions within school policies. A teacher said she “lost” the classroom American flag and replaced it with the rainbow flag. Did the students stand up and pledge allegiance?

Nancy Pelosi pledged supposed allegiance to condemning the Supreme Court’s decision to end the nationwide eviction ban implemented by the CDC and Biden. Has she actually done something about this decision? Ya’ll will definitely have to make her comments in relation to her title make sense to me. Help us out because Dre and Shelley couldn’t make sense of this one. They definitely couldn’t make sense of Marc Lemont Hill’s comments either. I think bruh just wants to stay as relevant as possible by saying off-the-wall sh*t, but ya’ll let me know if I’m wrong when you hear his BS.

As Frankestin Fauci and CNN writers come out with their opinions, along with all these businesses having their own rules regarding the v@x, ask yourself one question…is the v@cc1ne still considered “optional?” Check out the playback and hear what the couple has to say and try to make sense of our Monday!