Make it Make Sense Monday is Baaaaack!

Now is the time for free thinkers to express themselves and become the pinnacle for having the right to express any opinions without suppression.

After a couple weeks of heavy campaign work, Shellz and Dre are back baby! Learn the name now…SHELLEY FAIN…because you will be writing it in manually on the ballot. We need ya’ll to write that name down on the ballot like you write your manifestations down! Before you do that, we need to try to make it make sense this Monday, because it has to be something in the air right now. I mean…

Why are we penalizing people for not taking an experimental concoction of bullshit (i.e. that r0na shot) by taking away jobs and extracurricular activity pleasures? Is this an attempt to start a war between the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated? What the hell is happening to the fish in FL? Did they get vaccinated? Is the CDC actually being legitimately nice and giving a break to folks facing evictions due to the plan-demic?  Furthermore, why is it a question to bathe or not to bathe? Why is that a topic of discussion in social media right now? Then, a man who I feel probably doesn’t bathe shoved something up his butt to cure his constipation…maaaan, what?

I am just like Shelley and Dre’s daughter this morning on the show…wanting oatmeal and over today already. Help us make it make sense this morning because we can’t. Bye.