Terrible Tantrum Tuesday 7/13/2021

Now is the time for free thinkers to express themselves and become the pinnacle for having the right to express any opinions without suppression.

Ginger tea madness, ladies and gentleman…Andre woke up, got high off of ginger tea, and chose violence, taking Terrible Tantrum Tuesday literally and implementing it into full effect. He starts out making small hilarious innuendos that Shelley is abusive and harassing her with shenanigans throughout the show. In conclusion, Dre is a whole fool and is coming down from his ginger high as you read this synopsis of the best show online!

Pastor Greg Thomas began the show igniting a flame within small business owners and entrepreneurs. If you need that extra push and motivation to keep hustling and building your own empire, come watch and hear his amazing message to you!

After you get that early morning motivation spark, listen to Candidate Shelley Fain keep you woke with current events sparking major controversy. Who out there still loves the Clintons? Well, “conspiracy theorists” are claiming the Clintons were involved in the assassination of the Haitian President Jovenel Moise. Listen to their valid points and decide if you still feel the Sigma member Bill Clinton was really for our people.

Speaking of the people, ya’ll need to hear about the 9 pink collar workers that simultaneously quit their job at a Burger King in Nebraska. Ya’ll…they made a whole billboard sign. Come listen and laugh your ass off at the billboard resignation message with a customer service undertone, and roll your eyes at the district manager’s response. Isn’t it fantastic to see the people banding together against the bullshit?

Now, let me find out that Governor Kemp is speaking the language of the people a lil’ bit and ripping the government’s attempt to force the COVID vaccination apart! You’ll get to hear Xavier Becarra-United States Secretary of Health and Human Services make a statement that mentions, in summary, we are free, but we are not free when it pertains to this vaccine. He mentioned the government has a right to know who has and has not taken the vaccine, i.e. the Door-to-Door Vaccination Strategy. Governor Kemp said “Whet? (What-for the viewers that don’t comprehend my millennial vernacular)” and reminded the government they are bugging. I also had to hop on the hotline for a minute…ya’ll are going to find out through my newsletter how passionate I am about this mess!

Shelley and Dre also shed some light on further bullshit: Drag Hour. Apparently, folks are hosting drag brunches, ya’ll. I need you to come watch the video of an LGBTQ member speak out on this foolishness and watch what happens at this drag hour. Decide for yourself-is this inclusion, or grooming?

Pharell once said “You ain’t gotta be a mason to see through some of this shit on occasion.” Shelley reminded us that this system has a past that foretells the future. One of those tactics discussed in today’s show includes the historic drowning of black towns, or as Amber Ruffin highlighted in her one of her shows, Development Induced Displacement. Shelley and Dre debuted this portion of Amber’s show; when you check it out, you’ll immediately recognize some of today’s thriving towns and parks, realizing these were once thriving majority-black areas. Remember Tulsa, OK? I do too, and that isn’t the only town destroyed by this system.

Now ya’ll know Dre had to hit us with some hits. You’ll get to vibe out to Ginuwine, Tamar Braxton, DeMarco, Major Hype & Busta, Pink Floyd (yep, you saw that right), and Justin Timberlake.