Terrible Tantrum Tuesday! 8/17

Now is the time for free thinkers to express themselves and become the pinnacle for having the right to express any opinions without suppression.

Shelley & Dre came for blood today as they legit vented for Terrible Tantrum Tuesday! Have you had a chance to vent about your kid going back to school with all this sh** going on? Or, maybe you haven’t; maybe you’re ok with all these mandates and new curriculum. Now, I know ya’ll have cussed your landlord out numerous times in your house, to their face or BOTH. So tell us in the comments below…are your landlords big mad about the c0v1d rent moratoriums in place? Listen to Dre has he puts you on game on how you can take advantage of the new moratorium!


Shelley wants to know…is America fat-phobic? Have you heard all the flack singer Lizzo is receiving after her recent music video debut with Cardi B? I’ll just say this…don’t praise US in public and then shame US in private, or vice versa! Keep the same energy across the board! Plus, how can America fat-shame women when they created the social environment and shit-food that causes it in the first place?! *Clears throat* sorry, it is Terrible Tantrum Tuesday, and I had to let that small tantrum out. Moving on…

Speaking of women, how do you feel the Taliban and the Israelites view women? Should we live and let live, or do we need to call them out? Shellz and Dre had LOTS to say about this, and the playback is available now! Check them out and hit that subscribe button afterwards!