Terrible Tantrum Tuesday! 8/24

Now is the time for free thinkers to express themselves and become the pinnacle for having the right to express any opinions without suppression.

Well, I guess this is really Terrible Tantrum Tuesday since Dre threw a tantrum about not having any coffee…and somehow it was my responsibility to have the coffee delivered. As I drink my refreshing cup of coffee and write the rest of this blurb, someone tell this man I said hell no.

Shelley luckily reels this man back in every time and goes straight into her tantrums on Tuesdays. Joe Biden and his new “recommendation” for businesses has got us all pissed off. I’ll say this; you can recommend sh*t all you want, but the people aren’t having it…and it shows. Speaking of the people, can ya’ll stop sitting idly by when crazy shit is going down in front of your face? Another Karen was doing the MOST at a football game, and a little beautiful black girl was visibly uncomfortable with a white family at a kid’s play center. Shelley & Dre definitely threw a tantrum over these stories, and you can’t afford to miss it.

Don’t worry, your mood will lighten up again when you see who booed former president Trump and why they booed him. Even Trump isn’t safe from the smoke! After you watch, you know what to do…hit that subscribe button if you’re not currently subscribed, and give us your thoughts in the comment section! We want to hear from you!