Thankful Thursday! 8/26

Now is the time for free thinkers to express themselves and become the pinnacle for having the right to express any opinions without suppression.

Dre & Shellz started out this Thankful Thursday being thankful for Dre having his damn coffee. Shelley and I ain’t got time. Moving on…

We are extremely thankful for young melanated geniuses! A young king that was solving math problems and doing sign language at 2 years old is making history. Find out how he’s going down as one of the brightest in our time! Meanwhile, the not-so-bright-but-he’ll-say-he’s-the-brightest Trump has a new commercial out. Ya’ll…please come watch this. His marketing team is ON POINT.

Speaking of marketing teams, we more than likely will start seeing more marketing ads for fast food since there’s a major grocery supply shortage! Which supplies are dwindling down? Watch to find out what products you may not see in stores anymore, and hear Shelley’s alternative diet recommendation. Then, I need you to hear how much of our tax dollars are being spent on Afghanistan, PER DAY! Dre & I want a damn refund! What happened to all that reparation talk during the past election?

Instead of giving us reparations, you want to spend time mandating dangerous chemical concoction shots and shaming the ones that exercise their right to say f**k those shots! Hear what two CNN writer buffoons had to say about the unvaccinated folks, then watch Busta Rhymes go off during a live show about the mandates! Does he agree with them? Check it out!

Enjoy today’s playback, family, and stay away from these damn milk crates. Just stop.