Weird And Wacky Wednesday 7/15/2021

Now is the time for free thinkers to express themselves and become the pinnacle for having the right to express any opinions without suppression.

Weird and wacky Wednesday… Even though we saw a black screen for a bit this morning, the beautiful melanated couple Shelley & Andre are NOT on vacation or sick leave today ya’ll. They’re back at it with Weird and Wacky Wednesday! As a side note, Shelley has now deemed Andre’s generation as Post-Boomers, so now he can feel special like us and have a label. He might still be mad at me b/c I asked if he was born in 1950, but he’ll be aight.

Speaking of vacation, if you want to go on a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines, you will need to show proof of vaccination; however, The Florida Surgeon General isn’t with that nonsense. The state has a law preventing businesses from requiring customers to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination; so, Norwegian Cruise Line is now suing the state to try and uphold their right to require proof. I feel like Norwegian needs to put that strong ass arm down and quit trying to force PAYING CUSTOMERS to do anything, but ya’ll listen to Shelley and Dre’s take and decide for yourself.

If you happen to go on a cruise and encounter any Karens, please do me a favor and slap them vehemently. Victoria Secret Karen has got me heated; apparently, an always-the-victim-and-never-the-perpetrator Karen tried to attack one of my melanated sisters in a Vicky Secret store in NJ. Dre played the video for us, and you’ll get to hear Shelley and Dre put their Mahalia Party hats on and advise on what their plan of action will be in these instances.

Now, the only plan of action for this next topic, in my opinion, is to cut the shit out. You’ll get to see Harry Styles “defying gender norms” by putting on fishnet stockings and posing for the camera. I’m so sick of Generation Z, and as Shelley puts it the late-ass millennials that aren’t pushing 40 years old. Why are you trying to MAKE everyone accept what you want to do? F**k other’s acceptance of you and just do you! However, if I’m wrong please let me know why…but not until you watch and listen.

While these ridiculous first-world problems of defining gender norms (what the hell does that even mean, though?) are happening in the United States, protests are taking place in Cuba, and Cuban officials are saying it’s the United States damn fault. Shelley reminded us that Trump blocked remittances from going to Cuban families when he was in office, soooooo…isn’t it our fault? Watch the news video on these protests, and hear our future congresswoman Shelley come for Biden’s throat pertaining to his response on the protests!

Even Dre had to ask Shelley if she’s ready for Congress when she told us about what’s happening with the elephants and donkeys right now. Texas House Republicans voted to track down and arrest Democrats who…get this…FLED the damn state to avoid voting on a voter rights house bill. I mean, are ya’ll getting threatened to vote in the favor of the Republicans or something? Where are you going? Isn’t this your job? Shelley, we need you to take office ASAP to make it make sense for the people, because this is weird and wacky AF.

Don’t forget to listen to the music breaks in between while you roll a fat one or getting that check. You’ll hear Migos, Jay Z, Bob Marley, Childish Gambino, G-Dep, & Pop Smoke. I was vibing no doubt, but sometimes Dre gives us all these throwbacks like it’s not any hot shit playing right now…and I know he just gave me a look as he read this, but as I always say, he’ll be aight. I haven’t been fired yet.