Weird & Wacky Wednesday 7/21

Now is the time for free thinkers to express themselves and become the pinnacle for having the right to express any opinions without suppression.

Pastor Greg kicks off the show urging us to keep moving forward on our path to success and elevation this Wednesday morning. The bridge you were on before was your comfort zone. Greg explains how to burn that bridge/environment and not look back, inspiring us to not step down or go back to our uncomfortable-comfort zone of normalcy by using powerful imagery. If you are a budding entrepreneur or you need that extra push to burn those comfortable yet uninspiring bridges you’ve built, tune in so you can feel the Pastor’s message vibrate within your soul.

So, moving on to some weird and wacky shit…the FDA is moving real crazy right now.  Shelley and Dre start hinting at the idea of the COVID vaccines gaining full approval from the FDA. Apparently, they’re being proven to be safe and effective. How sway? Vaccines normally take between 6-12 years of trials before their proven to be safe, and this shot was pushed through in less than a year. Come watch and listen to the numbers of vaccinated vs unvaccinated individuals to see if the people agree. If you agree, just get ready to be inoculated with numerous shots as Shelley also spoke about numerous variants of the virus, the newest one being called the Beta variant.

Now I know you’ll want to grab some food on your way home before you plop on the sofa to watch this live. Can you please calm the hell down while you wait possibly an hour for your food so we can keep some restaurant workers on payroll? Restaurant workers are tired of our shit and their bosses shit. Frustrated customers and bosses overworking them while paying them next to nothing has got restaurant staff walking OUT. Listen to Shelley explain how folks like Dre—who had Popeyes cook and prepare chicken for no reason since he didn’t eat it because they didn’t have hot sauce— and other numerous reasons are causing severe restaurant understaffing. Dre, next time, take yo’ black ass home with that chicken because you know you have hot sauce at home.

After you eat and watch this live, imagine if you had to hop in a cardboard bed afterwards to take a nap. Furthermore, when social media found out the Chinese Olympics created these types of beds, they ran with that shit and brought sex into the mix. I know ya’ll are wondering if it’s true these beds were created to keep the Olympians from humping out their competition stress. Shelley and Dre will tell you if this weird & wacky shit is true.