Weird & Wacky Wednesday! 9/1

Now is the time for free thinkers to express themselves and become the pinnacle for having the right to express any opinions without suppression.

Dre & Shelley jumped right into Weird & Wacky Wednesday talking about your president having a racist slip-up. Somebody…anybody…please come tell this man to sit down immediately after you watch him relive his glory days in the 1950’s. After you do this, please thank the rest of the gov’t squad for incidentally revealing the true purpose of the v@cc1nes. You’ll get to hear about *new* technology on the horizon; listen to its description as you silently discover how this technology is being used inside YOU, right now!

This v@x is indeed the spark of civil war and unrest. A woman loses custody of her child during a court hearing over her v@x status! Folks, it’s imperative you watch and learn how the system is attempting to slowly remove the principle of “freedom” within this country. You will not believe the audacity of this judge in her case! While we’re on the subject of losing freedom, you’ll have to help us understand why the woman who recorded the alleged abuse of a little black girl has been ARRESTED! Are we really free anymore?

Check out the playback for another highly abnormal Weird & Wacky Wednesday live show!