Weird & Wacky Wednesday!

Now is the time for free thinkers to express themselves and become the pinnacle for having the right to express any opinions without suppression.

I was not prepared for Weird & Wacky Wednesday ya’ll. Would you expect to see a shapeshifting animal walk across your lawn? You might want to keep your eyes open after you hear what this climate change is doing to our furry friends. Meanwhile, your best friend Jeff Bezos (hehe) is pouring his riches into a new personal project. I’ll just say that this dude has entirely too much money. Jeff, you don’t want to increase pay for your slaves…I mean workers. Your money combined with all your friend’s pockets will end WORLD hunger and homelessness, but you’d rather spend it on dumb sh**. Sigh.  

In addition to Jeff, your government is really wilding out! Has your child ever told you NO because they make their own decisions? Did it piss you off? Well, get ready to be pissed off again because the government passed a mandate for your 12-15 year olds. I can’t wait until you hear the specifics of this mandate! Your government also seems to be passing out money and policies for every other ethnicity other than us indigenous folk. Come find out how much money a certain group of evacuees is getting upon arrival.

The Navy has invented and patented a new toy, and FBIBook…I mean, FaceBook is doing what they do best…spying on you. Check out these EXTREMELY weird stories along with musical dopamine in today’s playback! Then, come back ready to be thankful tomorrow for Thankful Thursday!