Weirdness & Wackiness! 9/22

Now is the time for free thinkers to express themselves and become the pinnacle for having the right to express any opinions without suppression.

It’s an Urban Country Morning-first, folks! Watch Dre & Shelley start
off Weird & Wacky Wednesday morning in separate rooms! Dre is away on
business, but Zoom still allowed the couple to share the weird and wacky news

Is Nicki Minaj encouraging other celebrities to speak out against the v@x?
Is the war between the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated warping into the new racial
segregation? Meanwhile, Shelley tells us of a palm-colored child being
reprimanded for his social media post. Keep your kids off social media, folks.

Now, while we’re on the subject of social media, there’s been horrible
images circulating the internet showing how our Hatian brothers and sisters are
being treated at the border. Also, I thought it was impossible, but Amazon is
somehow making their job harder by installing some weird a** hardware on their delivery

Check out the playback, get some good music vibes, and laugh with me about
Dre’s hotel background! See ya tomorrow!